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Upgrading & Relocation Loans

Has your plan for a new home purchase got you worried about finances while you wait for your current home to sell?

Medical Finance Group can arrange an upgrading and relocation loan package for a new home, the pressure to time your move perfectly with the sale of your current home is off!

We can offer loan terms of up to 6 Months to enable you to sell your existing property, and also capitalise the Interest repayments for up to 6 months.

After our free initial assessment, Medical Finance Group could help you finance your new property purchase and move using your existing property as security – it’s that simple.

We can even help you finance home improvements on your new property before you move in, also finance your renovating and building works to your existing property so you can achieve a more superior sale price.

Medical Finance Group is a great option for medical industry professionals and workers wanting to secure the best upgrading and relocation loan packages with exceptional interest rates.

If you also have several current loans outstanding including mortgages, we can offer a free specialist assessment of your overall situation, and subject to our assessment, we can potentially refinance and consolidate all of your current loans into one loan with a lower interest rate and lower repayment’s per month, by doing this – you could save hundreds or even thousands in repayments.

Medical professionals and workers are at times so busy with work and personal commitments that the option to save money passes them by without having the up to date information to know what new finance packages are available in the financial market place.

Medical Finance Group will take care of the entire loan process from application to settlement.

We also offer our customers, a Free Specialist Advice Service – for the life of your loan.

We specialise in upgrading and relocation loans and assisting all medical professionals and workers to obtain the best possible finance packages.

We also specialise in upgrading and relocation loans for the self-employed, also helping you if you don’t have up to date financials or if you have current loans with repayment arrears, even an adverse credit rating.

Medical Finance Group is an accredited licenced finance broker and is affiliated with one of the largest finance aggregator groups in Australia, we have access to a wide variety of lenders which enables Medical Finance Group to source and offer finance for a wide variety of financial scenarios.

Medical Finance Group’s main goal is to be the market leader in assisting all medical professionals and workers receive all forms of building and renovation loans and to help medical professionals and workers obtain the best financial products at the best available interest rates subject to their current and future financial requirements and needs.

With our goals in mind, personal touch and professional approach, we are proud to assist all medical professionals and workers in obtaining exceptional finance products so they can achieve their financial goals!

Apply for your building and renovation loan package now with the help of Medical Finance Group.

For an immediate discussion regarding your building and renovation loan package, complete the form or give us a call, and one of our friendly professional finance specialists will discuss your current or future financing options.

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