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Debt Consolidation Loans

Are your debts becoming uncontrollable?

Are you suffering undue stress?

Are your current lenders constantly sending you reminder notices?

Do you have a mortgage or several mortgages, credit cards, car loans and personal loans, or any other debts that have accumulated over time that need to be reviewed?

Then it’s time to take action and this is where Medical Finance Group can help!

A debt consolidation loan can be the most efficient way to remove your multiple debts by consolidating all your current debts into one loan with potentially a lower interest repayment per month, meaning one balance record which is easy to manage and done with the care and support that MFG prides itself on!

A debt consolidation loan gives a clear mind and a clear path for future growth.

At MFG, we understand that your financial situation may have changed since you originally sought finance from other financiers, and you have current loans with financiers that need to be reviewed and even renewed, a free loan assessment process offered by MFG could potentially achieve a lower interest rate for you combined with a superior finance package with one low repayment per month.

By MFG conducting a free assessment of all your current loans, it may be a smarter option to consolidate and refinance to potentially receive a lower interest rate offered by MFG that reflects your current financial situation and future financial requirements and needs.

MFG can review and renew all of your current loans, including home, commercial, personal or business loans subject to our free assessment process.

It’s easy to accumulate debt with store cards, credit cards, student loans, personal loans and car loans, it can be difficult with keeping up with all those repayments, that’s where debt consolidation and refinancing begins with the help from MFG’S professional team of advisers.

You must ask yourself these questions;

By refinancing your current mortgage or several mortgages combined with a consolidation of all of your current debts with the professional help of MFG, and by potentially receiving a potentially more superior finance package with a lower interest rate, may be the answer!

We can also potentially offer during the debt consolidation and refinancing process (as security values may have increased since your last financiers advance) a debt consolidation and refinance package with additional funds from the equity in your home, business or any other form of real estate that you own. By using your real estate or business assets as security you can have access to additional funds for any property and business purchase or any worthwhile venture!

Changes may have occurred during a current loan term, and on most occasions, medical professionals and workers are unaware of the benefits that can be offered by debt consolidation and refinancing to achieve a better financial product with a potentially lower interest rate, as new interest rates evolve and new financial products arrive at any given time.

Medical professionals and workers are at times so busy with work and personal commitments that the option to save money passes them by without having the up to date information to know what new finance products and savings are available in the financial market place.

MFG can also take care of the whole debt consolidation and refinancing process from application to settlement, even handle the payout of your current loans without the need for you to talk to your current financiers.

MFG’S debt consolidation and refinancing Interest rate options include variable or fixed terms, repayment options include interest only or principal and interest with loan terms up to 30 years and financial products with zero annual fees.

We also offer our customers a Free Specialist Advice Service – for the life of your loan!

MFG’S Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Advantages at a quick glance;

MFG’S debt consolidation and refinancing packages could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands in repayments by consolidating and refinancing all your mortgage or mortgages combined with all other debts into one low repayment per month.

We specialise in debt consolidation and refinancing and assisting all medical professionals and workers to obtain the best possible debt consolidation and refinancing loan packages.

We also specialise in debt consolidation and refinancing loan packages for the self-employed, also helping you if you don’t have up to date financials or if you have current loans with repayment arrears, even an adverse credit rating.

Medical Finance Group is an accredited licenced finance broker and is affiliated with one of the largest finance aggregator groups in Australia, we have access to a wide variety of lenders which enables MFG to source and offer finance for a wide variety of financial scenarios.

Medical Finance Group’s main goal is to be the market leader in assisting all medical professionals and workers receive all forms of debt consolidation and refinancing packages and to also help medical professionals and workers obtain the best financial products at the best available interest rates subject to their current and future financial requirements and needs.

With our goals in mind, personal touch and professional approach, we are proud to assist all medical professionals and workers in obtaining exceptional finance products so they can achieve their financial goals!

Apply for your debt consolidation and refinancing loan package now with the help of Medical Finance Group.

For an immediate discussion regarding your debt consolidation and refinancing loan package, call us on 1300 634 634, or complete the form, and one of our friendly professional finance specialists will discuss your current or future financing options.

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